I'm going to take you back, back in time. To a place around Christmas time, in-face Christmas Day to be exact.

Yes, December 25, 2011. Not only did everyone rush down their steps to stalk what was hiding under the Christmas tree, but every NBA fan had a little treat to savor throughout the whole day. That treat? Opening Day for the 2011-2012 NBA Season.

I remember it very well. I was watching games all day. Knicks-Celtics, Heat-Mavs, OKC-Orlando, Clips-Warriors and of course Bulls-Lakers. I remember the Bulls-Lakers match-up by far the most vividly, without a doubt. It was by far not only the best game of the day -- with NY vs BOS a close second -- but, it was the third of five games so it was being played right in the middle of the day.

As I was vegging out on the couch working on my website and it's new design at the time, I caught the most peculiar thing just as the first quarter came to a close and the buzzer went off on the sidelines near the Bulls' huddle. Check it out: Originally this video was published on SportsRelease.net (the website I mentioned earlier) but didn't really serve a purpose but humor. Now, here on HttH, it's both meaningful and humorous.

Hopefully we'll be able to see Brian Scalabrine pull plenty of other funny acts like the one above, and if he does, we'll note it.