Hello and welcome back to Horns To The Hardwood -- A Chicago Bulls Blog, your new an improved place for the best Bulls coverage on the web and Bloguin's illustrious network.

My name is Darin Ford and I am the manager/editor of this esteemed blog. I plan on picking up the pieces here at this site after it went through a 5 month blogging drought. I was officially handed the job here as editor at HttH on May 10, 2012 but I've spent the last couple of days adjusting to Bloguin, making the transition from my previous position at another website, putting together a staff -- you'll get to see them later -- and compiling a top-notch marketing strategy for HttH.

But first, I'd like to breif you on who I am as both a worker and person.

As a person I'm typically laid-back and at least somewhat intelligent. Basketball is my life and always will be. I've been around it my whole life as my father's side of the family is stacked with current coaches and former players. I hope to one day be a coach myself.

As a worker, I'm extremely hard-working and goal oriented. (You can read my whole resume on our "Staff" page.) I've been in the basketball blogging/media business for almost a year now -- I know it sounds like only a short-time, but I've learned a lot.  In my short time as a writer I've worked/blogged for over 6 websites, some of which were my own, while having offers to join other sites as well. My career all started on my own with a basketball blog I started on Blogger called The Hoops Nation on June 3, 2011. After a few short weeks, THN became the platform for OfficiallyHoops.com, which was an evolved version of The Hoops Nation. I had hired a staff and began to engage the site with social media outlets that made it really takeoff.

After 6 months of gruling hard work, staying up late-night and learning the trade of blogging, I decided to expand and start an all-sports news Website. However, two months before that I was hired at SheridanHoops.com as a columnist and support staff member. After three months of running an all-sports news website, opportunities came knocking. I was recruited to sell my blog and join two different websites, RantSports.com and ProSportTalk.com. After weighing the options for over a week, I went with ProSportTalk.com and was seated as the then new websites President. I then later took on the title of Senior Sports Insider as well.

Come May 2012, I was ready to get back to basketball-only writing. I applied here at Bloguin with high hopes. Ben Koo, Bloguin's CEO, contacted me about a week and a half later offering me the postion of manager/editor here at HttH. I took it within five seconds of reading further down the e-mail. I am very excited to get started here at HttH and Bloguin as I plan to see the site top Bloguin's charts every single day.

The staff is coming along well. We're still hiring though. If you're interested in a position outlined in our "Staff" page, please notify me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

So now you want to hear plans for the site, eh? There are too many to get into right this very minute, but I'll get you a quick blurb and preview of what's to come in bullet form below:
  • We're going to aim for 5 posts a week for the first couple months. Once we assemble a fully dedicated and star-studded staff, we'll be shooting for two to three different pieces/articles a day.
  • Look for some live-blogging outta' us. I specialized in it at SportsRelease.net (the all-sports news website I launched).
  • We'll have stats, standings, scores, living rosters and more once the season begins.
  • Comprehensive coverage on Derrick Rose's recovery and return to hoops.
  • Full-on injury reports.
  • Video reports. (Yes, we'll do some video blogging, we're contemplating a staff roundtable on video about twice a month down the road.)
  • A lot of social media engagement.
  • Fun-filled forums on the site at your disposal.
  • Interviews, pre and post game coverage. (Predictions in each and every preview.)
  • We're also contemplating covering the Bulls' NBA Developmental League affiliate, the Iowa Energy.
  • Memes. Enough said.
Is that enough for now? Ha.

As you can see, HttH has a bright, bright, bright future. Look for more and more Bulls coverage every day out of us and our developing staff. Remember if you're interested in joining, contact Darin Ford at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

You can also follow me on Twitter, @realdarinford, and on Facebook.

One more thing before I let you go and allow your brain to process and think about the glory that Horns To The Hardwood would become. That thing would be to PLEASE like our Facebook page and share us on Twitter. Thanks! See you soon, and very many times after that!

Go Bulls!