Here we are, day two, on our way to day twenty-nine. Yesterday we talked about John Jenkins. Today? Doron Lamb from Kentucky.

The 6'4" guard is one of the best shooters in the draft this year. Lamb is also one of the smoothest players I've seen in a long time. When I say smooth, I mean that he just looks so cool, calm and collected out there even in the most extreme moments. Smoothness can often be confused with laziness. Even with that said, Doron is far from lazy.

Not only is his mid-range game pristine, he can score at the basket too. Lamb's wingspan and terrific athletism also allow him to be a cagey defender that can cause a lot of turnovers by deflections, interceptions and steals from the ball-handler.

I had the privilege of watching him in person at The Final Four. I personally enjoyed watching him play the most -- yea, even more than Anthony Davis. Doron always seem to be in-control of his emotions mentally. His toughness shows in late game situations all the time as he's been one of Kentucky's go-to guys for the last two years.

To wrap-up talking about his college days, Lamb is a winner. In just two years at UK, Lamb went to not only two Final Fours, but he won a championship in New Orleans this year with Anthony Davis, Marquis Teague, Terrence Jones and Darius Miller by his side -- all of whom will be most likely drafted on June 28 (Miller is the only projected second-round pick right now).

Now to some Bulls talk.

How would he fit in? Is he a first-round talent? Can he play the two-guard position in the NBA?

All of those questions above are stumpers. Answers to those questions? Well, yes, yes respectively.

I think that Doron can me a Randy Foye type of player. Not an All-Star, but could start for about 15% of the teams in the league. And at No. 29 in the first round, that's a steal.

Doron wouldn't be the answer at the two this season, but would be a great fourth guard in the rotation. He could easily back-up an aging Richard Hamilton and a -- no offence -- offense-less Ronnie Brewer. Doron could be the second point guard in the rotation behind C.J. Watson if the Bulls decide to not re-sign John Lucas III and Derrick Rose ends up being out all year. There have obviously been rumblings about the Bulls upgrading at both the point and shooting guard spots. Only time will tell on that one.

When comparing today's topic, Doron Lamb, with yesterday's, John Jenkins, I don't seem much of a difference in impact for the Bulls. I think that both would be great fits. Lamb is younger and longer, whereas Jenkins is probably the better ball-handler and give the Bulls more backbone if the Bulls lose Rose all year.

Check back tomorrow for the third installment in the 29DTP29 feature only here on Horns to the Hardwood!