As of now, Tyshawn Taylor is projected as a late first to mid second-round pick. If the draft was today, I would slot him somewhere between the 32nd and 36th pick. But I think that NBA GMs will fall in love with his skill set, play style and body type. Tyshawn's length and strength will enable him to play the point guard position in the NBA very well.

The 6'3" 215lb. combo guard from Kansas has been through a ton. He doesn't neccesarily have "baggage" but the kid  has been through a lot of trial and error. He is a proven winner and has won a lot during his four years at KU under head coach Bill Self. 

Bill Self regards highly of Tyshawn, "I've always liked Ty. I've always loved him as a player. No question. And I have always liked him as a guy. If I was in college I would want to hang with Ty. He's a cool kid, I think. 

"I think Ty's been a guy that has gotten in his own way some. He has put himself in a position for a large part of his career where he probably didn't know that I liked him as much as I do. And now without question I think he knows that I really like him. I really like this kid. I think he's been about as big a treat to coach as anybody I've ever had. And I've always been fond of guys that have to go through some stuff to get where they eventually end up and he's had to go through some stuff. 

"But he's been a treat to be around. He's emerged as one of the better leaders we have had since I've been here."
Tyshawn needs to continue to work on his three point jump shot in order to be a really tough guard for defenders. His balance in the lane as he goes to finish s terrific  and always seems very court savvy. Much like Doron Lamb -- our topic of conversation yesterday -- Tyshawn is very smooth and never seems to rushed.

Tyshawn was really the same player his first three years at Kansas. A solid wing with a lot of ups and downs. His senior year, Tyshawn really figured it out and really improved as he was slotted over to the point guard position.

Tyshawn also has some success internationally. He was on the 2009 U-19 World Championships and led the team in scoring. USA was able to take the title back home when the won the whole thing.

If you ask me, there isn't a big difference in situations between his this year and to that of Reggie Jackson -- taken with the 23rd pick by the Oklahoma City Thunder last year -- and Norris Cole -- taken with the No. 28 overall pick, ended up with the Miami Heat after a slew of trades sent his draft rights all over the place. Both Cole and Jackson were strong and athletic combo guards that saw a lot of success in their college career. The way Cole has made an impact on a good championship caliber Heat team makes me think that Taylor can do the same thing for any team, especially the Bulls.

Obviously the hanging question all off-season and during the season this upcoming year will be whether or not 2011's Most Valuable Player, Derrick Rose, will be in uniform or not. The Bulls could certainly need more help at the two guard position, -- as I've noted before -- but, without Derrick Rose they will need another true combo guard to help out whoever the starter may be. In Tyshawn's case, I think he could contend with C.J Watson for it if the depth chart stands as is. Clearly it's C.J.'s starting job if D-Rose doesn't return but Tyshawn would get a solid amount of minutes for sure.

Now look, I know for sure I'm going to baffle some readers right now but, I'm prepared to say it ... Tyshawn Taylor could see the same career trend that current New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin has seen so far.

The two are extremely similar in body size and touching shoulders with their play styles. I think that the better the team Tyshawn is on early in his career the better he will be.

Tyshawn played with over 6 current and future NBA players. Those being: Sherron Collins, Cole Aldrich, Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris and soon-to-be Thomas Robinson. Taylor and Robinson led KU to The Final Four this past season with a pretty depleted roster. KU lost to Kentucky in the championship game.

So to wrap-up, look for G Tyshawn Taylor to really climb up the rungs of the NBA Draft in the next couple of weeks. In all honesty, I think that Taylor would be one of the best fits for the Bulls with the No. 29 overall pick given D-Rose can't return until 2013-2014. If Tyshawn is available when GM Gar Forman has his turn to select someone, the Windy City fans aught to be pretty ecstatic.

Tyshawn can be a career 10pts, 3reb, and 4ast a night guy for a playoff team, no question. He's truly one of the most underrated players in this years draft.