Hello and welcome to Horns To The Hardwood. My name is Kyle Samples and I am an assistant editor here and owner of Chicago Bulls Fan Talk, a Facebook page. I'm 16-years-old and an avid Bulls fan. When Darin approached me with a partnership agreement I was excited to write on here and couldn't wait. I live in Wisconsin but grew up in Illinois, any team in Chicago (except the Cubs) I root for.

Do you know Derrick Rose? I'm sure you do, when he went down in the first game of the first round in the 2012 Playoffs Chicago was in awe. I've never heard a stadium that quiet with their team about to win their first playoff game. Was it the coaches fault? Not at all, like Richard Hamilton said, "they were gaining momentum and we didn't want that to carry over into next game he needed to be out there." The doctor said surgery went great but expected a 8-12 month recovery, Derrick Rose is now likely out most of next season as well with his torn ACL.

In the absence of our MVP we ask who should step in to take his spot? Should we stay with C.J. Watson and JL3, or should we pursue another point guard? Steve Nash? Kirk Hinrich?
Rumors have stated the Bulls look to part with C.J. Watson. I think that is a good choice only because he has his moments he isn't somebody I would be willing to trust to score and fill in for Derrick. C.J. Watson is a good guard to have off the bench to fill in for minutes at a time not games or a season. JL3 also has his highlight moments but he can't start unless he works on his passing. The time on the shot clock winds down to single digits almost every time before the ball leaves his hands causing rushed shots and misses. JL3 should stay with the Bulls and learn Thibs' offense a little more before he is trusted with a starting position.

Steve Nash, great pick up for the Bulls in my opinion, he may be getting older but the man can score and that's what we need in Derricks injury recovery time. Steve Nash would fit right in with the Bulls offense and defensive stance that coach Thibs loves to push. If he can put in 18-20 points per game and we pick-up our offense with other players we will still be championship contenders.

Captin Kirk, would also be a good pick up. He has already played for the Bulls and with Derrick he knows how to score and has a good three point shot. I think Kirk would fit in well with the offense and defense as well as Steve Nash. So who is the better pick...?

Steve Nash. But, Why?

He can score more, he is more experinced and I believe he would fit in better with the Bulls. With the lack of depth at the PG position I believe he would exceed in his expectations and help us get back to the playoffs more than Kirk would. 

Do you think im wrong? Comment and tell me why!

Kyle Samples is a 16-year-old assistant editor for HttH. Kyle started his sports media career on his own by starting a Facebook page called Chicago Bulls Fan Talk. Kyle is instrumental in HttH's success and does a good deal of work offline too. Continue to look for his articles and like his Facebook page!