The 6'10" 220 pound small forward from Baylor University is one lean mean machine. Quincy Miller is about as long as it gets on the perimeter in the NBA -- he'sFrom NBADraft.net fairly similar to Kevin Durant in that aspect.

Miller who suffered a torn ACL in high school didn't really live up to the hype as a freshman in college. Quincy actually announced that he would return to college ball for another year after Baylor lost in the NCAA Tournament but later had a change of heart and decided to forgo the rest of his college days and enter the NBA Draft.

Miller is far from a finished product -- much like Tony Wroten Jr. is. In the event that the Golden State Warroirs, Toronto Raptors or another team try to make a deal for forward Luol Deng, Miller could be a nice replacement. However, Miller would fit best as Luol's back-up for the next few years.

Miller's strengths are his upside, length and God-given talent. Whereas his weaknesses are along the lines of his body strength, maturity and his loss of quickness, explosiveness, speed et al since his surgery to repair his knee. His upside is huge, but the kid has a marginal risk -- which at No. 29 in the draft is a steal.

I like his skill set and think he'll be better than worse. Look for his name to pop around the Bulls' draft board more and more.