We've already done a stellar piece on Tony Wroten Jr. and you can read that here.

Yesterday, NBA.com released their second mock draft so far. In that mock draft they slotted very well and accurately based on fit, talent level and upside. Scott Howard-Cooper, the curator of the mock, made some good points and judgements throughout. I was shocked that he had Tony falling to us -- I think he's going to be taken in the 20, 23ish range. According to sources and his performance at the NBA Draft Combine he seems to be a promising player. Which, in reality, makes the cake even sweeter if he ends up with us at No. 29.

Howard-Cooper had this to say about Wroten Jr., "The potential to be a combo guard makes Wroten Jr. an attractive selection, with or without the health problems for Derrick Rose." High praise if you ask me. Short but sweet.

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