Chad Ford of ESPN acclaimed John Jenkins once again as our guy at No. 29.

This is now the third time in a row he's done so and the fourth time we've reported that Jenkins could be our guy on 29DTP29. I personally am very high on his game. Apparently I'm not the only one.

Jenkins would fit exceptionally well in the Thibodeau system. He guards, can handle it, shoot well and is a winner -- all of which are attributes the Bulls need to add. What John can do is be a great glue guy for us. He's not going to be an All-Star but he can certainly be a guy we run a few sets for to get him some open shots.

Chad Ford said, "The Bulls need a shooter and Jenkins has one of the best strokes in the draft. His super-quick release and ability to finish at the basket make him an interesting prospect here," in his latest mock draft. I strongly agree with him and look forward to seeing more news pop-up around the Bulls and Jenkins.