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In the third installment of “THE DEBATE” I think I can compare Jordan to the closest of Jordan's kind, Dwyane Wade. The first article of the series “THE GREAT DEBATE: Jordan vs. LeBron” can be read here. The second article “THE DEBATE: Jordan vs. Kobe” can be read here.


Jordan wins the scoring title here. Wade is a good scorer, a 25.2 points per game average, but not on the level of Jordan. The interesting thing with Wade is very similar to Jordan, unlike the others I've compared to M.J.. Dwyane has the ability to change an entire game with one play, much like Jordan. Wade may not be the best shooter out there, but he makes them when they count the most as well as the most difficult ones. He makes them look easy, something Jordan did with about anything. Mike still has the advantage in scoring.


Jordan wins, but Wade came very close to winning this one. Jordan is the taller one of the two players. Wade is 6'4” whilst Jordan is listed at 6'6”. Wade has only averaged 5.1 rebounds per game, but the way he effects the game with his offensive rebounding makes him a bit better. Jordan and Wade have similar numbers on the glass offensively, Jordan is at 1.6 while Wade is right behind at 1.3. Very similar numbers. One thing I've noticed though, is Wade never had a dominant rebounding type player to lower his totals. Jordan did, i.e. Oakley, Grant, Rodman, and others. Wade had a older, but still above average rebounding center in Shaq. We all know Shaq is one of the most dominant big men of all time, but he didn't put up the same numbers with Wade. Still, Wade came extremely close to beating out Jordan in this battle.

3.Ball Handling/Passing:

This is just a dead tie. You can put in your vote for either one of these two. Jordan could win because he was the better ball handler while, you can say Wade wins because he is a better passer. I won't use the whole “well Jordan had the triangle offense blah blah.” Wade hasn't had as many great scorers, his whole career as Jordan did. Heck, Mike had Pippen out there with him for almost every year in Chicago. While Wade had Shaq for a few years, but that whole bond went up in flames. Wade has a higher assist average, which makes sense being that Wade shot roughly five fewer shots per game than Jordan did. Jordan had better handles as a player though. Many would remember his size-up moves he put on the Celtics in the classic game Jordan put on in Boston. That move is still burned into my brain, never will forget that.


Jordan wins, but barely. Now I know Wade's career average for steals is 1.8 and Jordan's is 2.3 it is close. Wade has been known as a good defender, in my opinion a better defender than his teammate James. Both Mike and D-Wade were ruthless on other guards. Sometimes giving themselves a mission to not let the other score at some points. Jordan showed why he was the best perimeter defender in the NBA and the world at the 1992 Olympic games. Both Jordan and Pippen shut soon-to-be teammate Toni Kukoc down. Making it so difficult to even bring the ball up the court at times. It just shows the way Michael wanted to play defense. Wade has a similar feel for that end of the floor as well.


This may shock you, Wade wins. He currently holds a higher career average of blocks per game, by 0.2. Wade is two inches shorter than Jordan, that just shows timing and his leaping ability. Now, I would go out on a limb and still say Jordan is the better leaper and athlete, but Wade has better timing.


You have to have to ask yourself some questions. Most of the questions would ask, who is better at shooting, passing, driving, posting up, and also who has the better footwork? Well Jordan is better than Wade at all of those thoughts combined. Wade can be clutch, but Jordan is clutch. There was never a moment in Jordan's professional career that he didn't want to take the last shot. Wade effects the game like Jordan did, late in the games, Wade can take over and spare your team a victory for that night. Reminds me of Jordan in many ways.


A lot of people will look at stats and then say who they think is better at defense. In today's NBA, the NBA All-Defensive Team is overrated in my eyes. It's always about who has the better numbers when it comes to steals and blocks. It's almost a guarantee that if you get 2 or more steals per game or blocks per game, you already have a spot on either the first or second team. Jordan never took a play off on the defensive side of the ball. Even with bad knees in Washington, he was playing nearly every game, missed only twenty-two games as a Wizard, and still brought it to the opposing team. That's something I admire about Jordan. When comparing the two on the defensive aspect of the game, Jordan wins. I know this all seems biased, but it's true. Jordan had better footwork than Wade in the post. Jordan had faster hands outside along with quick feet. Now Wade has quick feet, but he doesn't have nearly the hand speed of Jordan to swipe at the ball or get deflections. In my personal opinion, the NBA has it all wrong with the Defensive awards. I think guys like Battier and Bowen should have been on those All-Defensive teams a lot more throughout their own careers, especially Bowen.

Like I have said, Wade may be the closest thing that we can get to a Jordan 2.0. The only reason for that being that he takes over. Very few can take over the way he does. You ask yourself, “Okay then why isn't he better than Jordan?”

Dwyane Wade may very well be the closest thing to Jordan, since Mike decided to stop lacing the sneakers up. Kobe may be the best since Michael. Wade is just very similar to Jordan. Granted both guys have ties to Chicago. Wade grew up watching Jordan play in his home city. So Dwyane saw plenty of Jordan to play like him.

Let me leave you with this, who would you rather have to take the final shot? Also, who do you think would win in a one-on-one game of basketball?

In my eyes the answer to both is very easy. Jordan will win somehow someway. He never gave up, always worked, even when he played baseball and sucked that sport up. Michael had such a competitive drive that may never be match. He had pure talent, grace, touch, toughness, and the will to win every game he played. Jordan would walk into an area and look up into the crowd and knew someone is there that will never see him play again in person. Michael Jordan wanted to leave a lasting impression for just that one person. It is almost as if he took it as a personal mission to get it right, to be the best on the court, no matter what was wrong with him physically or mentally. He gave the true definition of 110% every time out on the hardwood floors in Chicago, Washington, and anywhere he ever played. That is something nobody will ever be able to match or beat.

Jordan's will to win and determination and drive just set him apart from everyone else. You can throw any name into the conversation, and Jordan will win with ease at some moments.

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T.J. Watson is a 16-year-old sports writer from Illinois. Watson, a huge Bulls fan,  is an aspiring NBA coach or GM. T.J. is very well versed in the game of hoops and has sound knowledge.