Derrick Rose's brother and manager, Reggie Rose, released some comments to the media today about his brother's progress following the torn left ACL he suffered in late April.

Reggie's comments read: "He's walking without a boot. He's way ahead of schedule. It's just keeping him focused, and we're not trying to rush him. Basically, just rehab, rehab, rehab. We haven't put nothing basketball in his face. ... It's just a peace of mind. He can't do too much in Chicago. The other day I talked to him, he was at Target just picking up stuff. Stuff like that, you can't do in Chicago. ... Eventually, he will [regarding on when Derrick will speak to the media himself about the rehab process and how it's going]. Just for now, he's getting his mind right and is out in California."

Derrick has been rehabbing that hampered leg in Los Angeles, California.

In other good word news, Dr. Brian Cole (Derrick's surgeon) spoke in June saying that he was doing well and ahead of schedule.

All good signs, all good signs.

Assistant editor, Kyle Samples, will start to weigh in periodically with Derrick Rose injury updates and that infamous knee of his. Look for the updates starting soon.

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