D-Fish covering for D-Rose?

The possibilities are endless. Rumors were churning back in March when Fisher was traded to the Rockets from the Lakers and then bought out by Houston that the Bulls were a top target for him to join. Fisher wound up signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder. A move that ended up putting him in the position to win a sixth title.

According to Pippen' Ain't Easy, Fisher was contacted by the Chicago Bulls and is a top free agent target for them. The editor of the site, Josh Hill, writes: "One Derek might be starting for another in Chicago. In their pursuit to find a guard to fill the shoes of Derrick Rose while he recovers from knee surgery, the Chicago Bulls have made contact with former Laker and Thunder guard Derek Fisher."

Hill points out later in the article that Fisher could be offered a $3 to $4 million dollars over two years. (Roughly $1.5 to $2 million a season.) Fisher showed that he can still play and be a factor on a championship contending team with the Thunder this past playoff session.

In retrospect, the Bulls probably don't have the rotation space for D-Fish to have an impact. Although Derek would be a terrific mentor for Marquis Teague and provide a veteran presence, I'm not too sure if it makes too much sense to sign him given Hinrich accepts his offer. But, if Willie Green is another target paired with Kirk, I guess that D-Fish works as well.

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