Courtesy to Facebook partner, Chicago Bulls Fan Talk, a Bleacher Report article was dug up and forwarded to us. Well, that B/R article presented a peculiar idea that drastically changes the complexion of the 2012-2013 Bulls.

The sign-and-trade looks like this:

CHI receives - O.J. Mayo, Jordan Hill. B/R says, "Memphis re-signs Mayo to three-year deal with team option for the fourth year at around $8-$9 million per year and sends him to Chicago. Los Angeles re-signs Jordan Hill to three-year deal worth around $3 million per year and sends him to Chicago. ... Chicago uses the $5 million trade exception it acquired by sending Kyle Korver to Atalanta and the $2 million difference between Hamilton's outgoing contract and Hill's incoming contract to acquire Mayo from Memphis."

MEM receives - two future draft picks. B/R says, "To facilitate the three-team trade, Memphis essentially receives something for nothing (Mayo's unrestricted free agent departure will net the Grizzlies nothing without sign-and-trade deal). Memphis uses its unrestricted free agent to acquire two of Chicago's future second round draft picks. This trade would work out for Memphis because it is able to sign-and-trade Mayo for some value without bringing back any salaries in the process. As an unrestricted free agent, Mayo will leave Memphis and the team will not receive any compensation for his departure."

LAL receives - Rip Hamilton. B/R says, "The trade would work for Los Angeles because the Lakers are in need of help at the wing positions. Hamilton would arrive in L.A. hungry to compete for a championship. He is owed $5 million next season and the Lakers would only be on the hook for $1 million for the following year if they desire to part ways. Hamilton would provide the win-now-Lakers (as evidenced by the Nash trade) with another proven veteran to help with Kobe's chase of a sixth NBA championship. The Lakers would only need to re-sign Hill to make the trade work. Although Hill is thought to be in the Lakers' long-term plans, Hamilton's acquisition is more important because of L.A.'s immediate win-now concern."

Clearly we win big time in this deal.

Mayo replaces Hamilton ... Hill fills the back-up 5-man role previously owned by Omer Asik. The trade makes us younger and more athletic. Yeah, it makes us a little smaller and not as rigid, but it's still a better talent outcome. Some say the Mayo could be the perfect fit alongside Derrick Rose. I'm not to convinced. The idea of putting a fairly similar Mayo alongside Rose seems a little James-Wade like.

Both Mayo and Hill came into the league with high expectations but have yet to fill them. Hill was selected No. 8 overall in the 2009 NBA Draft but has been a measly back-up four and five man throughout his short career. Meanwhile, Mayo -- who was picked No. 3 overall in 2008 in the Draft but then later traded for Kevin Love -- has been the sixth-man in Memphis the last two years while having some off-the-court issues. (O.J. at one point was the top recruit in the nation while in high school; he headed a class with the likes of Eric Gordon, Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, Nolan Smith and beyond.)

What are your thoughts?

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