Sources close to the situation have indicated that the Chicago Bulls have offered former player Kirk Hinrich to a multi-year deal somewhere between $1.2 and $3 million dollars annually.

Kirk was -- and still is -- a fan favorite here in Chicago. Fans have been rumbling for months that the Bulls need to re-sign Hinrich. Yes, it does make sense, but it's an even better fit. That's why the Bulls offered him. Hinrich is the ideal role playing veteran guard that will relieve minutes, be a great mentor for newly drafted Marquis Teague and will help ease the pain of Derrick Rose's projected absence.

The following is from CSNChicago's Aggrey Sam (but recycled on Blog-a-Bull): "It's been reported that the organization reached out to former Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich at the outset of free agency and according to a person with knowledge of the situation, offered a deal at or just above the veteran's minimum and below the "mini" mid-level exception, which could be under [Hinrich's] desired price range."

Now that we have that covered ... Aggrey has also indicated that Willie Green, who spent the last year with the Atlanta Hawks, is another target for the Bulls. Aggrey wrote, "If the Bulls opt to let Asik walk, they will be faced with having to sign another backup center, but it could leave room to re-sign one of their other free agents, such as point guard C.J. Watson, or pursue other backcourt help, like veteran combo guard Willie Green, who has emerged as a target, according to an individual with knowledge of the Bulls' free-agency plans."

No offer to Willie Green has been drawn up yet by GM Gar Forman. If one were to be made, it would make sense that he would be offered a veteran's minimum. The Bulls will use as much money as they can on a back-up center if they don't match Omer Asik's offer from Houston (Which is something they're really not expected to do, at all really.)

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