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Game 4 sucked. I’m still upset about that game. The game was right there for the taking in the 4th quarter and the Bulls laid a giant egg. The bench play was terrible, Luol Deng didn’t show up, the defense allowed way to many dunks and layups, nobody but Derrick seemed interested in scoring, the refs didn’t do us any favors, and we even took a timeout we didn’t have. It was just an ugly, ugly end to a game. Thank goodness for the short turnaround because I need to move on from Game 4.

I loved Joakim’s comments right after the game. I’m too lazy to look it up and quote him exactly but he didn’t sugar coat it. He basically said that they got their rear ends kicked because they didn’t bring the intensity in Game 4. After Game 3 they got overconfident and played another bad basketball game. This is really getting old. I know this is a fairly young team, but come on guys. You should get it by now. In the postseason you have to bring it. You have to do things like keep Jeff Teague (who barely played in Round 1) out of the lane, make fast break layups, and play a little defense on Josh Smith so that he can be reminded that he sucks.

Obviously this is the biggest game of the season to date. Hopefully there will be several more bigger games in the next couple weeks, but if we don’t get this one that may not be the case. We’ll find out what the Bulls are made of. They are the better team. We saw in Game 3 just how much better they are. This game will be played at the United Center. They won 36 out of 41 regular season games in that arena. They need to come out and remind the Hawks who the better team is. And I’ll say it again… START FAST. The two games this postseason the Bulls started fast in? Game 5 vs. Indiana and Game 3 at. Atlanta. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that those were the two easiest wins of the postseason.

Like everyone and their mother has been saying all postseason long, we need more out of players that aren’t named Derrick Rose. Boozer played better on Sunday but a combination of foul trouble and poor defensive play limited him from having a great game. Luol Deng didn’t show up. We need a lot more out of him. Joakim was active but by now we know he isn’t much of a scorer. Everybody else on the team was terrible. Somebody needs to help us out. Korver and Bogans knocking down some shots would be huge. C.J needs to play better when he’s in there too so Thibs doesn’t have to play Derrick all game long again.

Stat of the Day:

Luol Deng and Kyle Korver were a combined 1-for-11 from 3 in Game 4.

Probable Atlanta Starters:

G – Jeff Teague, 11.5 PPG

G – Joe Johnson, 19.2 PPG

F – Marvin Williams, 5.5 PPG

F – Josh Smith, 14.7 PPG

C – Al Horford, 11.7 PPG

Probable Chicago Starters:

G – Derrick Rose, 29.4 PPG

G – Keith Bogans, 5.0 PPG

F – Luol Deng, 16.4 PPG

F – Carlos Boozer, 10.7 PPG

C – Joakim Noah, 10.9 PPG


Current Line: Chicago (-8.5), Over/Under 181

When you think about the fact that just about everyone but Derrick was pretty bad on Sunday and we we’re still right there midway through the 4th quarter is kind of encouraging. What are the odds everyone sucks again? Korver is going to knock down shots. Luol is going to play much better. The bench mob will bring the energy. And I can’t imagine the defense being so bad again. I’m nervous about this game, but when I think about it rationally the Bulls really should win it.

Bulls 91 Hawks 85