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First off, how absolutely disgusting was Derrick Rose in Game 3? Driving lay-ups, mid range jumpers, 3 point jumpers, runners off the glass, and as Johnny Red Kerr used to say, the tear drop. Rose imposed his will on that game from the start and Atlanta head coach Larry Drew admitted postgame, that after he saw Rose's quick start in the first 49 seconds he knew his team was in trouble. I still think Danny Granger said it best when he commentated that Rose "was an ex girlfriend who whenever you tell her to go away, she comes back even more." That quote came after a game 1 victory over Indiana, where Rose was fantastic and poured in 36. After Fridays 44 point (16/27 shooting), 7 assists, and 5 rebounds I can only imagine what the Hawks were comparing Rose to. 

With that tribute to the MVP, it is time to move onto to Game 4 where the Bulls will try to take a commanding 3-1 series lead tonight in Atlanta. Let's be honest, if the Bulls win this game, this series is absolutely over. The Hawks are what they are, a frontrunner. When this team gets off to a hot start as they did in Game 1, they become extremely dangerous and play with a higher amount of confidence. This in turn results in unconscious shooting as we saw from Crawford and Johnson in Game 1 as they combined for 56 points.

In Game 2 I give the Hawks a little credit for being able to hang in with the Bulls in a slow, grind it out game which the Hawks clearly have little interest in playing. Though in Game 3, I think we saw the Atlanta Hawks that a lot of Bulls fans expected to see when we first learned that the Hawks had defeated the Magic. They were lethargic, and showed none of the hustle they had displayed in Game 1 where it seemed that every 50/50 ball went their way. The Bulls were more than happy to let Josh Smith continue to chuck up jumpers that clanked off any part of the rim as I almost half expected the Atlanta police to arrest him for assaulting the rim with the amount of times he hit it. Joe Johnson was almost non existent as was Crawford as the two combined to score 23 (only 2 in the second half), a far cry from their 56 in Game 1.

With all that being said, I fully expect the Bulls to put down the last fight that Atlanta will throw at them this series. Game 4 is a must win game for Atlanta, at home, with down 3-1 staring them in the face going back to Chicago. Look for Atlanta to come out with something to prove to its raucous Atlanta Hawk fan base. I say raucous very lightly as I didn't think there are worse fans than Miami but the Hawks fans are almost comically indifferent, much like their team at times.

    To start Game 4 I think the Hawks will build an early lead, but much like the entire season for the Bulls to counter with their suffocating defense, and forcing the Hawks to take bad percentage shots that Atlanta almost seems too willing to take. Zaza has been a non-factor in this series so far so look for him to foul Rose hard a few times as Rose embarrassed the Hawks on Friday night, as Larry Drew has pleaded with his team to get more physical. In the end, the Bulls head back to Chicago with a commanding 3-1 series lead and a ton of confidence heading into Game 5 Tuesday night.

Stat of the night: Since Game 1, Crawford and Johnson have shot a combined 36% from the floor (16/44).

Final Score: Bulls 92 Hawks 84

Oh and as for Boozer, well Christ, I don't think I can say anything that hasn't already been said about him. Fucking unbelievable.