The Chicago Bulls sit 31-14 after their 92-83 win over Milwaukee Presbyterian Hospital, er, Bucks.  Even as the 2nd seed in the East, and the top team in their division, there are still areas the Bulls can improve in.  

One of those positions is shooting guard, where Keith Bogans continues to waste everybody's time.  His PER was once 6.85, and I don't think it's much better.  I'm too lazy to check.

Other than shooting guard, there's not much the Bulls need.  Surprisingly, they've shown depth up front, and have withstood injuries to Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah.  If there's an additional trade that can improve the rotation, the Bulls should look into it, but I don't think they need much else besides another shooting guard.

Let's go over three players the Bulls have been rumored with, and whether or not deals are plausible.  The way I see it, the Bulls want a spot-up shooter that can play some defense.  

Anthony Parker - Parker is a 6'6'' guard, originally from Naperville, IL.  The Bradley alum has bounced around in his NBA career, getting little time in the league from 1997-2000, going to Europe for six years and returning to the NBA in 2006.  Since returning, Parker has shown that he has value to NBA teams.  He's a good catch-and-shoot player, and has shot just over 42% from three since returning to the NBA.  Despite his great shooting ability, Parker's never been athletic enough to create his own shot, and at 35, that's not going to change.  10.4 points per 40 minutes is just awful.  The good news is, despite his athletic shortcomings, Parker can defend.  How much of an upgrade is he over Bogans?  Pretty small, and he shouldn't be starting for the Cavs, or any team.  He's not good enough defensively to warrant a starting spot, because of his weak offense.  If the Bulls traded their own second round pick in this year's draft, I wouldn't be upset about it, as it would mean the end of Keith Bogans, and the Bulls will probably be choosing in the last 5 of the draft.

J.R. Smith - He's available, but at what cost?  If the cost is Taj Gibson, you pass.  Gibson has more value than Smith has, especially with the recent injuries to the Chicago starting forwards.  Smith will shoot it from anywhere, and he can win you games singlehandedly.  He can fill it up with the best of them when hot.  Unfortunately, he's not "hot" a lot of the time.  There are many times that he'll take shots where everyone in the stadium groans.  Do the Bulls need that?  Absolutely not.  J.R. Smith is a good player, and can really help teams win games, but he's not a fit in Chicago.  I don't think anyone disagrees with that.  Especially if it means parting with Gibson. 

Courtney Lee - Lee is my favorite player on this list.  He helped me win money when he played at WKU in the NCAA tournament, and now that he's in the NBA, I really like his game.  He's fringe starter material, and his value comes from his willingness to defend and his ability to hit open shots.  He's no slouch when going to the basket, either.  The issue is that he doesn't get there often.  He's stuck behind three wings in Houston - Kevin Martin, Shane Battier and Chase Budinger.  The issue for Chicago is simple - what do they have that would be of value to the Rockets?  A late 20's first round pick?  James Johnson?   This is why the Bulls passing on Jrue Holiday and company really hurts.  James Johnson does nothing for the Bulls.  Is he that bad that he can't spot Luol for 6-8 minutes a game?  My god.  Anyways, Courtney Lee, solid role player.  Bulls, no assets.

Any other trade names (that are realistic) that are out there?