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A big thanks to everyone that submitted questions to us on our facebook fan page. If you haven’t liked us on facebook yet you can do that right here. We appreciate your support. Okay, on to the questions.

Mike, St. Ambrose University Alumni - OK HTTH I see the new post. Love it as per usual. But my question is this...which bench mob member will have the biggest impact this season? (albeit that we don't know the final roster yet) I'm thinking/leaning towards Omer's role ever increasing/turning.

HTTH – Thanks for the kind words, Mike. First of all, I think we’re going to see a whole lot of the bench mob this year. Thibs showed his confidence in them last year by giving them plenty of postseason minutes. This year, with so many back-to-backs, and in a few cases back-to-back-to-backs, I think we are going to have to rely on the bench even more this year. With Boozer and Noah both having a reputation for being injury prone you could very well be right about the Turkish Hammer getting a lot of minutes. He improved a great deal last year and I think as he continues to develop he will get better and better. However, my favorite bench mob member is Ronnie Brewer. He is our best defender and a solid offensive player. He runs the baseline very well (right, Stacey King?) and can knock down open shots. For my money, he is the biggest spark off the bench. Sure when Korver gets hot he is a huge shot in the arm, but he was a very streaky shooter last year. Ronnie can make an impact even when his shot isn’t falling because he is such an active defender.


John, University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Do you think the Bulls are going to sign Rose to an extension before the season starts?

HTTH – Thanks for the question, John. The Bulls have said that they have made extending Rose their top priority. The new “Derrick Rose” rule has gotten a lot of attention where players are rewarded for outperforming their rookie contracts. It seems pretty likely that the Bulls will extend Derrick in the not too distant future. Will it happen before the season starts? It’s tough to say. Teams are really scrambling right now to fit an offseason into 3 weeks. Either way, you can sleep easy at night, John, Derrick isn’t going anywhere.


Jim, Benedictine University – Who would fit into the Bulls offense better, Jason Richardson or Caron Butler?

 HTTH – Thanks for the question, Jim. In my opinion there is a bit of a fine line with what we are looking for at the 2 guard position. We certainly want somebody that has the ability to knock down the open shots that Derrick will create for them and also somebody that has the ability to take the game over if team’s decide to double team Derrick or put a much taller defender like Lebron on him. However, we don’t want a chucker who is going to take a lot of shots away from the MVP of the league (think: Ben Gordon).  Jason Richardson is somebody that I have really liked for a long time. I certainly think he is a better fit for us than Caron Butler is. He is not as affordable as Butler is, though. It seems like Caron is the much more likely scenario for the Bulls and he will be able to help us out some if he is able to stay on the court. He is another guy that has a history of being injury prone.


Jim, Benedictine University – With Carlos Boozer locked up, do you think the Bulls will make a run at Dwight Howard? Maybe include Boozer in the package?

HTTH – It’s fun to think about, isn’t it? If we were somehow able to add Howard we would have the best point guard/center duo since who? Maybe Magic and Karim? Yahoo sports reported tonight that the Bulls remain a sleeper for Howard. Noah would almost certainly have to go in the deal and probably Deng as well. It isn’t going to happen this year, but like Marco said on our facebook page our best chance is if the Bulls sit on the amnesty clause and see how Boozer performs this year. Then we could cut him next year to make the room for Howard and offer Noah, Deng, and Charlotte’s first round pick for Howard in a sign-and-trade. The development of Asik is an important factor. If the Bulls feel like he could produce for extended minutes then they may be more willing to deal Joakim. Given our current situation, I still consider us long shots at landing superman, however.


John, University of Nebraska-Lincoln – What are the odds that Jerry Reinsdorf will tap into the luxury tax for a #2?

HTTH – Well he said earlier in the week that he would be willing to consider it if it meant adding someone that makes us a Championship team. I don’t see it happening at this point. I think it is much more likely that they go the cheaper route and end up with Caron Butler and see how that works out. This team is still young enough that they don’t have to win it this year, and I think the front office understands that.


John, University of Nebraska-Lincoln - do you think the bulls might wait for trade deadline to get a 2 guard, since we do have young talent, and then they can see potential up and comers?

HTTH – I think they are going to go the Caron Butler route now, but that doesn’t mean they can’t shake things up at the deadline. You’re right about the young talent and we do have some pieces that other teams might covet, most notably Omir Asik. That being said, I’m generally not a big fan of trading a big for a little in the NBA unless that guard is a big time difference maker.