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Looking at this game I can’t help but think of how far the Bulls have come. This is a game that the Celtics need to have a chance at the #1 seed in the East. Marco and I had this conversation recently, and it’s fun to look back at how our expectations have progressed as the season has gone on. When the season began, I thought it was reasonable to expect the Bulls to win the Central Division and win a playoff series. I thought that would be a good season for this team that was still growing, but clearly heading in the right direction. However, after a 9-8 start to the season the Bulls got hot…. And stayed hot. For all intents and purposes the Bulls had the division won by January.

Naturally, with the hot play of the team my expectations increased as well. I started to look at the top 4 teams in the East and thought how great it would be if the Bulls could somehow find their way into the 2-seed in the East. This would allow them to avoid the Knicks in the first round and give them homecourt advantage in the second round against the Heat. The Bulls kept winning and worked their way up to the 2-seed in the East. I was ecstatic. And then something awesome happened…. The Bulls kept winning.

Now we find ourselves three games better than anyone else in the East. Admit it, we all liked this team coming in to the season, but this is far better than any of us expected. I don’t care what Colin Cowherd makes up in an attempt to defend his “Lebron for MVP” campaign, nobody had this Bulls team winning the Eastern conference.

What’s my point? I don’t know for sure. I guess it’s just an attempt to show how great this season has been for our Bulls. When the season started, I hoped we would win a playoff series. Now? Who am I to count them out against anybody? But, Bulls fans I beg off you: If the Bulls do lose in the postseason. Please keep your head about you. Understand how far this team has come this season and how high the ceiling is for this team. Don’t you dare call this season a failure based on a performance in a 7-game series. That couldn’t be further from the truth.