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In an overtime thriller, the Chicago Bulls came back to stun the Rockets 119-116 Saturday night at the United Center, snapping a two-game losing streak.  

Derrick Rose was unreal last night, scoring 30 points, but none bigger than the three he swished at the buzzer to send the game into overtime.  Rose also flirted with a triple-double, adding 11 assists, seven rebounds, and five steals, while shooting 4-6 from the field.

Derrick is turning into the superstar that nobody thought they had this off-season.  All of the LeBron/Wade/Melo talk was centered around the fact that the Bulls needed a superstar.  It was incredibly disrespectful to the best player on the team.  I don't know if that fueled the effort to improve his game, but I wouldn't doubt that it had some effect on him.  You could see how much he has improved just by watching last night's game.  He hit four-of-six from downtown, had five steals, and knew the exact time he had to take over.  

Derrick Rose is not MJ.  He will never be, and he probably won't be close.  But this is the best player the Bulls will have, and will finish as the second best player to ever put on a Bulls uniform.  He's the real deal, boys and girls.

Big game for Boozer

Last night was also the first big game for Carlos Boozer as a Bull.  Nothing against Taj Gibson, but you can see why the Bulls need Boozer going forward.  Boozer finished with 25 points and nine rebounds in 30 minutes.  He is the ultimate safety blanket for this team.  If you get him the ball, chances are he's going to make something happen.  He's also perfect for Rose when Rose drives to the basket.  There were a few times when Derrick got caught underneath the rim, and when the defense collapsed on him, he found Boozer several times for an easy 8-10 foot jumper.  Boozer was a lot more aggressive, and with him in the lineup, it really opens up the floor.


Final thought from last night's game -- Stacey King, a good friend of the blog, was talking about how Derrick doesn't get calls.  From my biased opinion, he doesn't get calls down low, relative to the amount of points he gets in the paint.  There was a quote a few weeks back that asked Derrick about the no-calls, and Derrick said one of the officials told him that he couldn't make the call because the play happened too fast.  Derrick Rose does everything fast (fast don't lie) and if that's the officials excuse for not doing their job, then they need to find a new profession.  Rose has the best body control for a player at his position in the league, and that probably contributes to the no-calls.  Regardless, I want to do some research to see if Derrick actually doesn't get many calls.  I'm thinking the best way to look at it is by looking at the proportion of FTA to points in the paint.  Maybe it will tell us something, maybe it won't.  But Stacey's grip might be a little subjective, so I want to get an bias-free interpretation.